You can now start browsing the SESVanderHave online library.


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There are two possibilities to browse this library.You are now a ‘Guest’. This means you can take a look at the library, but you are not able to download any content. If you want to download anything (templates, (medium or low) pictures, …) you should request a ‘User’ profile. Once you are a user, you also get the right to request the high resolution pictures, which will be made available for you after approval of the administrators in Tienen.



Templates are graphical frameworks of different kind of communication types. You can use these templates for your SESVanderHave advertisements, leaflets, MS Office documents, …  That way, you are definitely using the correct housestyle. The templates are ‘packed’ as ZIP files, so you need to save and ‘unpack’ them onto your computer.



Images are displayed as thumbnails and (depending on the quality/resolution of the original file) available as JPEG files of 


High min 5 Mb

(usable for pre press, A4 print and larger print)

Medium min 3 Mb Print (usable for maximum an A5 full page)
Low min 600Kb Usable for powerpoint & website


Graphical Elements

Graphical elements are house style elements such as logos, stamps, font types, packaging elements, icons, illustrations, … which you can use in your publications.
The templates are ‘packed’ as ZIP files, so you need to save and ‘unpack’ them onto your computer.



In this section, you’ll find articles and texts about different topics within SESVanderHave or within the sugar beet business. You can use them as personal or professional background information, or implement them in your publications.



The archive contains pdf files of printed material (which we have used in the past) together with a ‘technical sheet’. These items can inspire you for your own purposes, or you can look for the template in the Template tab.